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Ewa Nowara’s Bio


I am a fourth year PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rice University working in the Rice Computational Imaging Group under Dr. Ashok Veeraraghavan. My research interests are in remote photoplethysmography, computational imaging, and machine learning.

Currently, my research goal is to build a remote photoplethysmography system to continuously and unobtrusively measure vital signs using cameras for improved driver monitoring systems. I work with both hardware and software to jointly build an optical system and optimization-based algorithms to recover the weak blood flow signal recorded by a camera from small color variations in the skin, corrupted by light variations and motion.

Before coming to Rice, I graduated from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX with a B.S. in Physics (summa cum laude)  in 2015. At St. Mary’s I have worked on computational modeling of molecules and nanoparticles. I was born and raised in Gliwice, Poland.

My resume can be downloaded from here: EwaNowaraResume

Office: Abercrombie Lab A127

Email: emn [at] rice [dot] edu